What is Sourcefinder?

Sourcefinder is about testing the performance and quality of the Duchamp Sourcefinding application. We've built a simulated cube of the sky containing various radio sources, and it's the job of Duchamp to work out where the sources are. Our volunteers are currently running Duchamp over the whole cube of simulated data to work how many of the radio sources in the cube it can find. Duchamp will need to be able to identify correct sources while keeping false positives to a minimum.

We welcome any sort of feedback, advice, or bug reports. You can either make a post on the forums or send us an email at icrar.tsn.website@gmail.com . We're happy to hear from you.

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Update 24 May 2017
Modified text on the create account page to clarify that the user will require BOINC when signing up to the project.

Updated text on the front page, as we're not a beta project any longer.

Updated forum breadcrumb trail to always have a link back to the main Message Boards.

Pushed out another batch of work units. I'm also transferring some reserve units in case we run out again.

Here are the stats for this week:

Total Cubes: 31248
Total Results: 26217
Total Canonical Results: 8921. 28.5490271377%
Average Results Per Cube: 0.838997695853

Good Results: 24264. 92.5506350841%
Bad Results: 1953. 7.44936491589%

Client Bad: 1907. 7.27390624404%
Client InProgress: 46. 0.175458671854%
Client Good: 24264. 92.5506350841%

Server Inactive: 0. 0.0%
Server Unsent: 4705. 17.9463706755%
Server InProgress: 654. 2.49456459549%
Server Over: 20858. 79.559064729%

24 May 2017, 6:06:53 UTC · Discuss

Update 17 May 2017
Finally got SSL up and running for the project. You can all use https now!

Moved the project URL over to https://sourcefinder.theskynet.org/duchamp. Please see the other announcement post concerning this.

Whipped up a logo for the main project page:

Pushed out a new set of work units.

Here are our run statistics for last week:

Total Cubes: 27776
Total Results: 32966
Total Canonical Results: 9373. 33.7449596774%
Average Results Per Cube: 1.18685195853

Good Results: 30016. 91.0513862768%
Bad Results: 2950. 8.94861372323%

Client Bad: 2771. 8.40563004307%
Client InProgress: 178. 0.539950251775%
Client Good: 30017. 91.0544197052%

Server Inactive: 0. 0.0%
Server Unsent: 8823. 26.7639386034%
Server InProgress: 955. 2.89692410362%
Server Over: 23188. 70.339137293%

17 May 2017, 6:28:02 UTC · Discuss

New Project URL
Now that SSL is correctly set up for Sourcefinder, I've changed the project URL to https://sourcefinder.theskynet.org/duchamp/.
The only thing you'll need to do is remove the duchamp project from BOINC, then re-add it using the new URL.
The old URL is still valid for work unit uploads/downloads, so all current work units that are registered using this URL should still complete and upload fine.
17 May 2017, 1:46:49 UTC · Discuss

Update 10 May 2017
Dropped value from 8 to 1. This should, according to the boinc wiki, limit the number of work units sent per RPC cycle to 1 per CPU.
This is being done to hopefully reduce performance issues some users were experiencing where Boinc would try to simultaneously run a large number of work units straight off the bat.

We have a new domain name too! http://sourcefinder.theskynet.org. I plan on switching the project URL from the current raw IP address to the proper URL next Wednesday. Everyone will receive a message from Boinc asking them to re-attach to the project, just a heads up!

The stats for this week are as follows:

Total Cubes: 24304
Total Results: 31683
Total Canonical Results: 11615. 47.7904871626%
Average Results Per Cube: 1.30361257406

Good Results: 28717. 90.6385127671%
Bad Results: 2966. 9.3614872329%

Client Bad: 2764. 8.72392134583%
Client InProgress: 201. 0.634409620301%
Client Good: 28718. 90.6416690339%

Server Inactive: 0. 0.0%
Server Unsent: 3431. 10.8291512799%
Server InProgress: 874. 2.75857715494%
Server Over: 27378. 86.4122715652%
Still sitting above 90% on the good results. Everything is going fairly smoothly from what I can see :)
10 May 2017, 3:45:43 UTC · Discuss

Update 3 May 2017
Well we've got a good amount of work sitting in the queue, still over 8000 work units are waiting to be processed.
I've got another 4 sets of work units sitting on stand by for when we start running low, so hopefully we wont have any supply issues any time soon!

Stats for this week:

Total Cubes: 19096
Total Results: 41783
Total Canonical Results: 12991. 68.0299539171%
Average Results Per Cube: 2.18804985337

Good Results: 38333. 91.7430533949%
Bad Results: 3450. 8.25694660508%

Client Bad: 3306. 7.91230883374%
Client InProgress: 144. 0.344637771342%
Client Good: 38333. 91.7430533949%

Server Inactive: 0. 0.0%
Server Unsent: 8859. 21.2024028911%
Server InProgress: 1634. 3.91068137759%
Server Over: 31290. 74.8869157313%

Still above 90% on the good results which is, uh, good!

Also, our old web developer has returned to theSkyNet on a casual basis, and is helping me out with some of the issues with theskynet.org. We'll also be getting a proper domain name for Sourcefinder soon (most likely something like sourcefinder.theskynet.org).
3 May 2017, 3:39:43 UTC · Discuss

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